• Video Gaming Addiction A New Mental Health Disorder

    Video Gaming Addiction A New Mental Health Disorder

    Addiction Disorders

    From the eleventh revision of the Global Classification of Diseases, WHO included “gaming illness,” or video game addiction, as a valid mental health disorder.

    In 2011, Douglas Gentile, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Iowa State University, and collaborators carried 2-year longitudinal panel research that trailed 3,034 kids in Elementary and Secondary school in Singapore to recognize the impact gaming has on mental health.

    Researchers examined the children’s weekly amount of gameplay, impulsivity, social competence, depression, social anxiety, stress, and school performance, and they decided video game addiction presents similarly to other addictive behaviors. They also discovered that it is comorbid with other mental health disorders, such as anxiety disorder, social phobias, depression, and ADHD.… Read More

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