The Alarming Rise Of Crystal Meth In Germany

The Alarming Rise Of Crystal Meth In Germany

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Drug Addiction Of Crystal Meth In Europe

The use of crystal meth is on the rise in Europe. What was once an underground drug, limited to a niche market, has become more popular and accessible. This is especially true in Germany where cheaply produced meth from the Czech Republic is flooding the market, even online.

It is now the most popular synthetic drug here, more than club drugs like cocaine and MDMA. The market is surprising, and there are major concerns over implications for this drug addiction on health and treatment options. Drug testing procedures, treatment, and education are important.

Who Are The Victims Of This New Trend In Drug Addiction?

Crystal Meth Drug Addiction Procedures

It is not the club scene and youth market of Germany that is turning to crystal meth. There is a whole host of potential users looking to take this recreational drug to help them. Some are city dwellers looking for a new party drug and high; others are professionals within these cities.

There is even is a rise among young mothers looking for aids for weight loss and fatigue. This takes the issue out into towns and more rural area throughout Germany. The range of users, prevalence across the country and attraction for supposed health benefits is reminiscent of attitudes to marijuana.

Why Is There Such A Big Health Concern For Users For Crystal Meth In Germany And Beyond?

The major problem here is that marijuana addiction and crystal meth addiction are different beasts. Meth is highly addictive with extreme physical symptoms. There is no quick come down with meth, as the effects can present themselves for days. This then creates a desire for another hit to lessen the symptoms.

The problem quickly spirals out of control with extreme drug addiction, physical symptoms, and increased psychosis. Furthermore, these patients can become aggressive and deluded. They can lash out at those trying to help and fail to see the problem in front of them.

Increased Drug Testing Procedures And Improved Health Provisions Are Essential Here, As Are New Laws

Drug Addiction For Crystal Meth

Crystal meth addiction clearly needs different treatment for other issues with drug abuse. It is important that doctors get a better grip on what it is like to deal with this issue and handle patients accordingly. There is also the problem that users need assessment and early help to combat this spiral into dangerous levels of hits and withdrawals.

Improvements to drug testing, both in clinics and workplaces, could help to detect use among those professional. Young mothers may benefit from at-home testing kits with the guidance of medics or loved ones.

There is also a strong call for improved legislation to combat drug addiction. Drug trafficking on the Czech border is an issue, but there is more to do than just border patrols. The solution for many is to control the supply and movement of the chemicals used to make meth.

It is one thing to seize meth supplies, but another to ban the key ingredient. Choloroephedrine can undergo processing to be manufactured into methamphetamine but is a legal substance in Germany. This happened with pseudoephedrine, a component of a common cold remedy. Cut off the ability to make the drugs, and drug trafficking is easier to control.

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