AEP Epidemiology 2004 provides information about the 12th Symposium Of the AEP with a specific focus on the effects of Cannabinoid drug use on mental health.

The Association Of European Psychiatrists observed the causes and effects of mental health problems. In 2004, a group of experts in social psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology, and mental health care took part in a symposium at Mannheim, Germany.

This association put its effort into recognizing the causes of mental illnesses and finding the right solutions for psychiatric disorders. The professional doctors at the AEP were well qualified to provide proper treatment for the patients suffering from mentally illness.

Mental health problems may occur at any age and any stage of life. Some persons have anxiety disorders in childhood which may become serious issues in adulthood and senior life. Mentally ill people suffer from many problems such as cardiac disorders, high blood pressure, chronic respiratory problems, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer, etc.

Drug abuse is a harrowing disease in many countries, and people suffer from physical and mental health disorders due to these habits.

Cannabis is most commonly used the drug in Germany. According to the report of 2012, it was declared that marijuana contains the high level of toxic substances that cocaine, amphetamines, and ecstasy do not.

German government agencies and healthcare companies have started drug treatment programs for physical and mental health. As per the Government’s policy, cannabis was banned for young youth but still, the people are addicted in a larger masses, and the government can no longer neglect this.

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