• The Alarming Rise Of Crystal Meth In Germany

    The Alarming Rise Of Crystal Meth In Germany

    Drug Addiction

    Drug Addiction Of Crystal Meth In Europe

    The use of crystal meth is on the rise in Europe. What was once an underground drug, limited to a niche market, has become more popular and accessible. This is especially true in Germany where cheaply produced meth from the Czech Republic is flooding the market, even online.

    It is now the most popular synthetic drug here, more than club drugs like cocaine and MDMA. The market is surprising, and there are major concerns over implications for this drug addiction on health and treatment options. Drug testing procedures, treatment, and education are important.

    Who Are The Victims Of This New Trend In Drug Addiction?

    Crystal Meth Drug Addiction Procedures

    It is not the club scene and youth market of Germany that is turning … Read More

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