• An Introduction To The 12th Symposium Of The AEP

    An Introduction To The 12th Symposium Of The AEP


    AEP – The Association Of European Psychiatrists

    The AEP – The Association of European Psychiatrists – is a respected organization. It works to look into the causes and effects of mental health issues on the continent. In 2004, a group of experts in social psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology, and mental health care took part in a symposium in Mannheim.

     There was a clear aim with this biannual AEP meeting of peers, students, and researchers. That was the chance to look at new ideas in the field for future development in mental illness treatment.

    Mannheim was the ideal location as the central European base for the continent’s leading researchers. This was a two-day program in late June that took place in both the Wartburg Hotel and … Read More

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