• What Are Psychotic Breaks Due To Synthetic Drugs

    What Are Psychotic Breaks Due To Synthetic Drugs

    Drug Addiction

    Synthetic Drugs

    Psychotic breaks are a devastating, dangerous part of mental health disorders. Many people are dealing with the severe mental illness that won’t tip over into breaking point. However, the issues of medication, social situations, stress and drug addiction can all play their part.

    Many of us see these psychotic episodes as a brief moment of insanity that comes from nowhere. This is far from the truth. These episodes build over time due to secondary influences, genetics, and brain chemistry. The rise of synthetic drugs is only making the situation worse.

    To Better Understand The Link Between Synthetic Drugs And Psychotic Breaks, We Need To Understand What A Break Is


    A moment of psychosis, or a psychotic episode, is a period where the patient … Read More

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