• Guidelines For Help Homeless People With Addictions

    Guidelines For Help Homeless People With Addictions

    Addiction Disorders

    Today we will discuss how we can help homeless people in a pandemic, especially when they are an addict. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents substantial challenges for giving good addiction treatment while decreasing staff, patient, and community risk for COVID-19. These challenges are even bigger for clinicians and organizations and programs that serve patients experiencing homelessness.

    This resource offers guidance for how safety net systems might have to adapt to encourage support for those struggling with substance use disorders and unstable housing during the COVID-19 crisis.… Read More

  • Epidemiology- The Science Behind Coronavirus Covid-19

    Epidemiology- The Science Behind Coronavirus Covid-19


    When there is a new disease discovered, scientists called epidemiologists work to find out why the area or a person has a new disease, and what the health departments can do about it. From the start of the pandemic, COVID-19 epidemiologists across the world have been working to:

    1. Identify the Source of the Outbreak

    Covid-19 epidemiologists went into the region in China, where the new disease first appeared and conducted surveys in health facilities and the community. Throat and nose specimens gathered for lab analysis.

    These Covid-19 epidemiology field investigations showed them who was infected, when they became infected, and where they had been just before they got sick—and eventually led them to a possible source.… Read More

  • Germany Is Leading The World With Low Death Rates From Covid-19

    Germany Is Leading The World With Low Death Rates From Covid-19


    The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has brought the world to a standstill. Originating from Wuhan, the virus is wreaking ever-increasing havoc and has spread to most of the regions of the world.

    The infection outbreak was at first swept aside as China’s problem by most countries. When the virus spread to Europe and the US, the epidemic was still overlooked by relating it to the common flu. Scientists and politicians compared its mortality rates like that of typical influenza that affects the US and other countries each year.… Read More

  • Mental Health Issues On The Rise In Germany

    Mental Health Issues On The Rise In Germany

    Mental Illnesses

    According to a new study, over one in six students across the Germany now have a mental health condition.  The study, issued by Barmer health insurance provider, found that mental health issues such as panic attacks, depression, and anxiety disorders among individuals are on the rise.

    Approximately 17 percent of students who were previously regarded as healthy are affected by mental illness, according to the study. This corresponds to nearly half a million (around 470,000) people.

    During 2005-2016, the proportion of 18- to 25-year-olds diagnosed with mental disorders in Germany rose by 38 percent. These figures are published in the report of this analysis of Barmer.… Read More

  • E-Cigarettes Use Causing Nicotine Poisoning and Seizures

    E-Cigarettes Use Causing Nicotine Poisoning and Seizures

    Drug Addiction

    The FDA has become aware that several people using e-cigarettes have experienced migraines, with the majority of reports coming from students or young adult users.  Convulsions or seizures are known as possible health impacts of nicotine toxicity and have been listed in the scientific research about intended or involuntary swallowing of e-liquid.

    But a current uptick in the voluntary statements of unfavorable experiences with tobacco products which mentioned seizures occurring with e-cigarette usage (e.g. vaping) indicates a potential emerging health issue.… Read More

  • What Are Addictive Disorders?

    What Are Addictive Disorders?

    Addiction Disorders

    Disorders, such as addiction and substance abuse, are common disorders that involve the overuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Addiction is a relapsing and chronic illness and develops over time. Identifying and recognizing a substance use problem, whether that of a buddy or your own, may be the start of a better life.

    There are three distinct terms used to represent substance-related addictive dysfunctions:… Read More

  • Video Gaming Addiction A New Mental Health Disorder

    Video Gaming Addiction A New Mental Health Disorder

    Addiction Disorders

    From the eleventh revision of the Global Classification of Diseases, WHO included “gaming illness,” or video game addiction, as a valid mental health disorder.

    In 2011, Douglas Gentile, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Iowa State University, and collaborators carried 2-year longitudinal panel research that trailed 3,034 kids in Elementary and Secondary school in Singapore to recognize the impact gaming has on mental health.

    Researchers examined the children’s weekly amount of gameplay, impulsivity, social competence, depression, social anxiety, stress, and school performance, and they decided video game addiction presents similarly to other addictive behaviors. They also discovered that it is comorbid with other mental health disorders, such as anxiety disorder, social phobias, depression, and ADHD.… Read More

  • The Five Types of Depression That People May Have

    The Five Types of Depression That People May Have

    Mental Illnesses

    Depression is a common mental health condition that can affect any person, and many factors are believed to cause it. Most psychiatrists think that the cause of depression is a low level of serotonin chemical among different individuals.

    As such, many psychiatrists also believe that treatment for depression is usually selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These chemical components are considered to boost the level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a vital hormone that determines the mood and sleep patterns of various people.

    Recent research suggests that there are at least five different biotypes of clinical depression. The research team led by William Walsh, president of Walsh Research Institute conducted chemistry tests on blood and urine samples of 300,000 people.

    The study also included … Read More

  • How Mental Health Can Affect Us Throughout Our Lifetime

    How Mental Health Can Affect Us Throughout Our Lifetime

    Mental Illnesses

    Mental Health Problems

    A new study shows that panic attacks, anxiety, and depression are on the rise among young adults in Germany.  Mental health issues in teenagers and young adults can cause them to make poor life decisions which can end up following them the rest of their lives. For instance, experimenting with prescription or recreational drugs and becoming addicted. Some teens feel lonely & depressed and look for love in the wrong places and then find out they a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or unwanted pregnancy.

    From 2005 to 2016 there was a 38% increase in mental disorders.  This is similar to the information for the US that a quarter of adults have some form of mental health disorder.

    Mental health is an issue … Read More

  • The Different Relationships Between Schizophrenia And Nicotine & Cannabis Addiction

    The Different Relationships Between Schizophrenia And Nicotine & Cannabis Addiction

    Addiction Disorders

    Mental Health Disorders

    The link between mental health and drug addiction disorders has a strong correlation. There are reports of drug users developing mental health issues as the result of ongoing abuse, such as paranoia and other psychosis. There are concerns that drug abuse can increase a user’s vulnerability to mental disorders.

    Furthermore, the treatment of drug disorders could lessen the effects of the mental illness. One area where this theory has been quite significantly tested is with cannabis and related cannabinoid substances.

    The links between cannabinoids and psychosis also lead to an interesting discussion about nicotine/tobacco use and psychosis.… Read More

  • Psychosis Risk In Migrants Puts Pressure On Struggling European Mental Health Provisions

    Psychosis Risk In Migrants Puts Pressure On Struggling European Mental Health Provisions

    Addiction Disorders

    Drug Abuse In Europe

    Mental health care is currently viewed as one of the biggest challenges facing modern-day Europe. Despite some changes in attitudes to mental health, treatment, and social care fall behind expectations. The industry is struggling to keep up with a growing population of mentally ill patients.

    Experts currently believe that as many as 165 million Europeans, 38% of the population, have some form of mental disorder. This could be through drug addiction – illegal or prescribed – workplace stress or other triggers. The four biggest disabling illnesses in Europe right now are dementia, depression, alcohol dependence and stroke. The problem is that only around a third are receiving the help they need.

    Mental illness, through drug abuse, social psychiatric issues, and other … Read More

  • Recent Drug Use Trends In Germany And Their Treatment Options

    Recent Drug Use Trends In Germany And Their Treatment Options

    Drug Addiction

    Drug Treatment

    Drug abuse can be a harrowing affliction in any country. Users suffer severe physical and mental health disorders, which can have an impact on social and economic situations within the country. This is something that Germany is aware of.

    Here there are key measures in place to monitor the use of drugs and provide drug treatment programs. These measures are the responsibility of the Federal Lander and local municipalities. Regular data on trends should provide guidance in the right direction, but this isn’t always guaranteed.

    Recent Data Highlights Interesting Trends In Drug Use In Germany

    The Epidemiological Survey on Substance Abuse has been studying drug abuse in the German population since the 1980s. The idea is to look at the prevalence and trends … Read More

  • The Link Between Cannabinoid Drug Addiction And Psychotic Disorders

    The Link Between Cannabinoid Drug Addiction And Psychotic Disorders

    Addiction Disorders

     Drug Addiction

    With 5 million daily users, cannabis is the most common illicit drug in the world with ~5 million daily users worldwide. It is the second most popular substance in America after alcohol. In 2014, there were 18.1 million users in the U.S, a rise from 14.5 million in 2007. It was also the most popular illegal drug among those aged 12–17 years.

    In 2014, there was a study on the association between cannabis and psychosis that raised concerns over cannabinoids and addiction disorders. This study looked at the prevalence and impact of cannabis and Spice on the US population, before publishing its recommendations.

    The Study Also Looked Into The Factors That Might Exaggerate Any Link Between Cannabinoids, Addiction Disorders, And Mental Illness

    Social … Read More

  • The Link Between Schizophrenia And Chronic Physical Conditions

    The Link Between Schizophrenia And Chronic Physical Conditions

    Mental Illnesses

    Mental Disorders- Schizophrenia

    Mental healthcare provision is often separated from that of physical health as its part of the industry. This is great for those looking for specialist care from psychiatric experts in mental illness.

    However, there is also a strong relationship between mental disorders and chronic physical conditions. The origin of psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, can correlate with increased risks in other areas. The following areas are all of the major concern for anyone suffering from these issues.

    Cardiac Disorders And High Blood Pressure

    The issue of the development of heart problems and high blood pressure comes in two different forms. This is why it is one of the most important problems for specialists to promote to those who have the mental illness. … Read More

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